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Socially Responsible Company

CEMEFI encourages social responsibility through the Exchange of Best Practices that promotes synergy among companies. Eligible organizations for this distinction are: private for-profit corporations, micro, small, medium or large companies from all sectors of economic activity operating in Mexico.

In this context, companies that are not eligible for the distinction are those whose business involves the sale of war products, tobacco, gambling centers or entertainment exclusively for adults, but they can show their commitment to social responsibility through the CSR Promoting Entity program. Likewise, they can comply with social responsibility through the 1% social investment and social inclusion badge.

As for the social inclusion badge, the reputation and benefits are aimed at empathy and recognition of minorities in the workplace, as well as a culture of integration in society. The main benefits are: active participation in a more integrated society; reinforced education and business culture; job creation and skills development; promotion of corporate health and care; targeted social investment; and financing aimed at inclusion.

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