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Trade marketing:
modern and traditional

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The Sweet Insights methodology is a digital service focused on the collection of data and images for the professional operation of the trade marketing mass products; it works through the licensing of a mobile application on smartphones that allows collecting information from field operating personnel, as well as the performance of a product at the point of sale (POS); It also allows you to view, store, order, and analyze the main productivity indicators in retail.

Accelerate your POS growth with

Sweet Insights


Sweet Insights includes multiple functionalities that allow an in-depth analysis of business performance and implement corrective actions in case of detecting failures in the operation.

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We visualize the current location of your team in the field, generating a report of entries and exits to the POS. In this way, it is possible to know the time that each person stayed there and visualize the route taken.


Assign the routes to the team in the field with the possibility of modifying them when necessary. It is important to be aware of compliance with the planned routes.


The tasks are generated by the client according to their needs. This module is used, for example, to carry out photographic campaigns, survey implementations, and surveys, among others. 


With this analysis, we can identify if the planning in the field is being correctly executed (headers, displays, display at check-outs, among others). In addition, thanks to the storage of photographic evidence, internal control needs with third parties are solved.


Avoid shortages of your products on the shelf since they generate loss of sales in addition to encouraging the shopper to buy an alternative brand. Thanks to the analysis of the "missing" it is possible to facilitate the taking of corrective actions.

Share of Shelf

Monitor the shelf participation of each product or brand, over the total space allocated to a specific category. Generates historical records for projection of trends.

SKU Check 

Access data visualization by SKU items, both their own and those of the competition: prices, stock, promotions, and expiration dates, among others.

Custom reports 

We develop reports to measure with indicator crosses, graphs of results, and evolution of historical performance, among others. All are based on the needs and objectives of the business.

Image Recognition (IR)

We can integrate a recognition module so that you can determine the negotiating needs with the channels, the weaknesses of the competitors, and the relevant training for a higher level of execution with your work teams.


The application recognizes patterns with the processing of thousands of photographs, which allows you to generate actionable knowledge.

Notifications and direct communication

Sweet Insights offers the possibility of subscribing to notifications via email on a daily basis for better monitoring


Our clients can communicate with their team in the field quickly and safely without distractions, through the following functionalities:

  • Messages

  • Photos and videos

  • Audio

  • Groups

  • Read receipt


Platform outputs

The collection of product information at the point of sale may be different for each brand and product, but some relevant aspects related to the operation are:

Success indicators


Compliance with visits


POS visited monthly


Mexican cities

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